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This is the world-famous  Jet Honey that comes directly from our beehives that are strategically-placed in the sun-kissed farmlands of Ventura County, California. 

Jet Honey Original is raw, unfiltered, untouched, kosher honey that is fat-free and gluten free.  

Jet Honey Original has a delectably bold taste with a distinct floral undertone. 

Jet Honey Original is full of bioactive plant compounds and antioxidants linked to reduced risk of heart attacks, strokes, and some types of cancer and are effective in lowering blood pressure and improving cholesterol levels. As a topical, Jet Honey is effective on mild burns and wounds.

Jet Honey Original is wonderful in your favorite recipes and especially in drinks like coffee, tea and lemonade. Jet Honey on toast and waffles is pure heaven. A teaspoon or two of Jet Honey every morning is a natural and healthy way to start your day. Use Jet Honey midday for an energy boost or to simply feel better.

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Jet Honey

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